Salt Water and Old Land Rovers

A little about us...

This is how it started; two Land Rovers, two friends, two tents and one camp site. After attending the inaugural "Vineyard Series" Land Rover event on Martha's Vineyard, Andrew and Mark came to the realization that some like-minded people may actually enjoy stuff that we create that embodies the heritage and joy that is old, vintage 4x4.  A couple of rough sketches by the camp fire evolved to a few designs that mirrored our own fascination with quirky British  4x4s and our homes on Cape Cod.  

The designs will certainly evolve but our commitment to top-notch products will not.  We refuse to put anything out that we ourselves wouldn't wear everyday.  From quality, to comfort, to unique designs,
we're making products far more comfortable than the ride we get from our old trucks (even though we kinda love the bumps!).
Thanks for stopping by,
Mark + Andrew